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We’d like to present to you with a glimpse into our supply chain that we’ve been developing over what has been an almost ten year journey.

They key is to have all of the ingredients to manufacture clothing in one place. Pakistan is one of the largest producers of high quality cotton and has an extensive network of mills that spin the cotton into yarn and weave the yarn into a finished fabric. While sourcing fabrics earlier this year, we fell in love with a lightweight cotton that is so fine it feels and looks like silk. We knew we had to use it so we developed a collection around it. We have done this enough times to narrow our supplier base to family run firms and dead stock providers to where we no have access to almost any type, weight or color fabric available.

We are excited about the inclusion of hand woven products from skilled craftspeople who join us in the workshop to add embellishment and remind us all of what handworked quality entails. Not only do we love the feel and look of these natural fiber fabrics, but because they are produced locally, we are supporting the local economy at the grass roots while minimizing our carbon footprint.

We are committed to achieving zero waste of fabrics at our facilities, and are constantly looking for ways to up-cycle our fabric scraps. With the use of 100% cotton this season, this commitment led to the development of our brand-new line. 

Once we have the finished fabric in hand, we add custom embroideries developed by local designers. We try to incorporate women-owned businesses in our supply chain whenever possible. We source our viscose thread used for embroidery and stitching from local manufacturers.

Our beautiful hand embroidery and beadwork embellishments, like those in our Kimono's, are hand-worked by skilled Adda artisans that we hire and pay directly, working either from our location in Karachi.

Our garments are hand cut, machine stitched, and in items such as those with scalloped hemlines, hand finished by our team at our modern workshop, owned and operated by Victoria Road. Our Founder, Shannon, works from our workshop, directly overseeing the team on design development, training, and production quality.

We are continually striving to ensure our supply chains are free from harmful treatment of workers or the environment. As we grow, we will be able to improve our information flow from suppliers: the key is to develop relationships with sourcing partners we trust. We are firmly committed to transparency will continue to share information about our suppliers and our own production practices with you, our customers and supporters.