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Victoria Road is a sustainable apparel design and manufacturing company which has developed and produced collections sold at well-known retailers such as Barneys NY and high end boutiques throughout the country. Our services Include: Apparel Design, Technical Design, Pattern Making, Digitizing, Grading, Markers, Tech Packs, Prototypes, Samples, Raw Materials Sourcing and Production.

Our Process:

Product Development. Don’t worry if you don’t have patterns, samples or tech packs! All you need is a photograph or a sketch of what you want to make. All you need is an idea and we will work with you to create everything you need to produce a complete collection. 

Once the product development has been done, we will source the raw materials for you and start production. We just need to know your desired quantities in each size and the color variations.

Getting Started!

We start with an online meeting. If you are new to the industry and need guidance in the process we can help. We learn about your goals and objectives, explain our entire process, and develop a plan to develop and produce your collections. Contact us for pricing.