Traveling with Children in Spirit and in Style: Musings From My Trip to Switzerland

Deepak Perwani Inaaya travel travel accessories

Just returned from a two-week trip to Switzerland! It was my first time back in the country in nine years. I was happy to find that it remains one of my favorite places to visit.

I first came to this small, quirky and unabashedly pleasant country with my parents at age nine. My father, who loves lakes, mountains and all things orderly and punctual, fell madly in love with the country and our family returned five years later.

My love affair with la Suisse reached a peak in 2006, when I attended my last semester of law school on exchange at L’Université de Neuchâtel. During my idyllic four months in the quaint, peaceful university town, I made lasting friendships with students there from all over Europe – Germany, Poland and, of course, Switzerland.

This visit was very different from my others, for three wonderfully significant reasons: I now had a husband and my 2- and 4-year-old daughters to show around with my dwindling French and German and to introduce to old friends from my law school days. They loved it!!

My new travel companions enriched my trip immeasurably. I was able to discover this beautiful country once again through my children's eyes. Everything was new again in this land of clear lakes, snow-capped mountains, spectacular gondola rides, punctual trains, classy watches, buttery honey (miel de fleurs, mmm) and, of course, those cows.

Traveling as a family with young children also introduced new challenges to touring abroad, which didn’t leave much time for making myself presentable, per usual! I truly appreciated two of the key travel staples I brought from the Victoria Road collection: the red Sindoor Durri statement necklace by Inaaya and the Barcelona Silk Charmeuse Scarf by Deepak Perwani. Each feather-light accessory took up almost no room in my suitcase, and both were folded and smushed into the tightest spaces and still came out wrinkle-free!

Both pieces proved incredibly versatile as well, taking my travel wear from day to night and city to city, each looking great with everything from t-shirts to jackets to jumpsuits. The luxury staple accessories helped me to look put-together and cosmopolitan even if I didn’t feel like it all the time! I particularly had a blast exploring all the different ways to wear my beautiful square silk charmeuse scarf, and I even set up a Pinterest board while there for inspiration and instruction. Nobody inspires a headscarf style better than Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, and nobody gives better scarf-tying instructions than Hermes... (Check out the Pinterest board here!)

I have a whole new appreciation of Shannon’s mantra that versatile, lightweight, and easily packable travel accessories are a must for world travel! But not only that – now every time I wear my scarf or necklace back home in New York, I’ll smile and remember my lovely trip to Switzerland in June 2015.

By Megan Brosterman for Victoria Road

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