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Let's just say we (especially CFO Megan Brosterman) were beyond thrilled when Torly Kid placed an order from our Spring/Summer 2016 collection - our very first season that we've sold the Victoria Road label wholesale into stores. Torly Kid's adorable tagline, "From Tot to Tween," says it all - the store caters to kids of all ages in TriBeCa, where Megan lives as well (and has been one of Megan's go-to's for birthday gifts over the years!) Megan asked a few questions of owner Carol Faber-Adams about the store's beginnings and how it's evolved into such a special neighborhood community.

As a TriBeCa resident and mom, my favorite part about your store is how “neighborhoody” it feels. More than just a store, you hold regular events like book readings and book clubs for kids! I can’t wait for my girls to join in the fun as they get older. Tell us how you see Torly Kid’s role evolving in the neighborhood.

Thanks – that’s what we are going for so I’m glad it comes off that way! We have been around for 10 years and I have two girls that I raised in this neighborhood so for them it was always like a clubhouse where they could come with their friends and hang out. We consider ourselves a lifestyles store – I want people to think of us as a place to come for something other than spending money. In fact, our 8th Annual Hula Hoop Party is coming up on May 7. Each spring we host a really fun Hula Hoop contest with prizes to the winners of several categories.

We also use it as an opportunity to feature other local businesses. This year we teamed up with Curated Care and they are bringing a Hip Hop instructor to teach a class. It will be super fun! The party starts at 11am and goes until 2:30.

As we are raising globe-traveling families ourselves, we love that you’ve begun a blog called “Torly Travels” about traveling with tweens and teens. What’s your favorite travel destination you’ve gone with your family, and what’s your best piece of advice for planning a trip that’s fun for everyone?

Traveling has always been an obsession of mine and when my youngest turned 5 (basically out of the stroller), we hit the road! We go away for about a month every summer and each year our trips get more and more exotic. I must say, after all of our traveling, we always compare everything to Italy (was it as good as Italy?), so I think that is probably our family favorite. My best piece of advice for traveling is research, research, research.

The best trips are well researched and planned in advance. There is such a plethora of data out there, the challenge is to cull through it. Torly Travels offers itinerary planning for those folks who don’t have the time or energy to cull through that info. We feel like we are professional curators – in the shop I curate clothing and gifts, and through Torly Travels, I curate perfect vacations!

We can’t believe you were working in finance when you decided to buy the store from a Craigslist ad! The Victoria Road co-founders, Shannon and Megan, entered the fashion world with backgrounds in law, and we love that we share that crazy kind of leap with you. What made you decide to leave finance for the world of kids’ fashion?

It is true that I bought the store from a Craigslist ad – although at the time it was a baby toy and gear store. We certainly have evolved from the Babylicious days. I left finance when my big one was 18months and my little one was newborn. I stayed home for a year with them and decided I wanted to go back to work in a way that gave me some more flexibility than my finance career. I always wanted the challenge of running my own business, so when this opportunity came up, I jumped in. At the time, I didn’t even target kids fashion, it just felt familiar since I had small kids. I certainly have learned a lot since then and the thing I love about running my own business is that I keep learning new things every single day.

Which is your favorite of the Victoria Road pieces you’re showing in the store this season?

We love the new Victoria Road dresses for their quality and their commitment to ethical fashion. All of the styles are adorable but my favorite is the Mini Tessellation shift in navy. I just adore it with our Bloch sparkle flats.

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