Our Commitment to Supply Chain Transparency

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Transparency: It’s the foundation of ethical fashion.

In honor of Fashion Revolution Day 2016, we’d like to present to you with a glimpse into our supply chain that we’ve been developing with care over the past year:


Pakistan is one of the largest producers of high quality cotton and has an extensive network of mills that spin the cotton into yarn and weave the yarn into a finished fabric. While sourcing fabrics earlier this year, we fell in love with a lightweight cotton that is so fine it feels and looks like silk. We knew we had to use it so we developed a collection around it. Our Spring/Summer 2016 collection is made almost exclusively with 100% cotton fabrics!

We have sourced our fabrics from a number of mills around Pakistan, including Shabir Mills and Sara Mills for cotton fabrics, and Bannu Woolen Mills for wool blend fabrics.

Supporting cottage industry

We also have been incorporating local hand-loomed fabrics, particularly from women-owned workshops, into our collections. We are thrilled to be working with Ghazala Saifi, owner of a handloom facility in Karachi that has made the hand-woven cotton jacquard for the Linden Dress by Natalia Naveed for Victoria Road.

chitral wrapAs part of our Winter 2015/16 collection by Natalia for Victoria Road, we used a hand-woven indigenous natural wool fabric in our best-selling Chitral Wrap. This extremely warm and durable fabric is loomed by hand in homes in and around Chitral, a city located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of northwestern Pakistan. Look for an updated version of the Chitral Wrap this fall!

We are excited about the inclusion of hand woven products from these local cottage industries that support hundreds of families. Not only do we love the feel and look of these natural fiber fabrics, but because they are produced locally, we are supporting the local economy at the grass roots while minimizing our carbon footprint. You’ll be seeing more hand-loomed fabrics from small workshops like Ghazala’s mill and the Chitral weavers in future collections!

Minimizing waste through creativity

We are committed to achieving zero waste of fabrics at our facilities, and are constantly looking for ways to upcycle our fabric scraps. With the use of 100% cotton this season, this commitment led to the development of our brand-new kids line of cotton tunics and dresses! As moms, we prefer our kids to be dressed in natural fibers, especially in the summer months!

Machine embroidery

Once we have the finished fabric in hand, we add custom embroideries developed by local designers like Natalia Naveed. We try to incorporate women-owned businesses in our supply chain whenever possible, so we are thrilled to be working with Samina Masood, owner of Murad Textiles in Lahore, for all of our multihead machine embroidery work.

We source our viscose thread used for embroidery and stitching from local manufacturers Candel and Feiya in Karachi, Pakistan.

Artisan embellishment

Our beautiful hand embroidery and beadwork embellishments, like those in our Adda Cotton Tunic, are hand-worked by skilled Adda artisans that we hire and pay directly, working either from their own workshops or at our location in Lahore.

Our garments are hand cut, machine stitched, and in items such as those with scalloped hemlines, hand finished by our team at our new workshop in Lahore, Pakistan, owned and operated by our own head of global logistics, Mohtshim Jawaid. Our CEO, Shannon Grewer, visits the factory at least twice per month to work directly with the team on design development, training, and production quality.

Take a sneak peek at our new workshop HERE!

Get to know some of our team members more HERE!

We are continually striving to ensure our supply chains are free from harmful treatment of workers or the environment. As we grow, we will be able to improve our information flow from suppliers: the key is to develop relationships with sourcing partners we trust. We are firmly committed to transparency will continue to share information about our suppliers and our own production practices with you, our customers and supporters.

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