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Oh. My. Goodness.

If I have to sit on the phone for one more minute with a tech support person while Skyping with my developer, I think I will self-destruct… I’m on hold right now, so I’m waiting for the implosion…

Don’t get me wrong. I love every tech support person I’ve spoken to and my developer is a hero in my eyes. He works as a freelancer on He lives in India. He just got married. I feel like I have known him forever. Congratulations again, Vidur!!!

But man, when I first spoke to my long-time buddy and erstwhile law firm mentor, Shannon, about joining her mission to effect real economic change in developing countries through fashion(!), I can tell you that the first thing that ran through my mind was NOT SSL certificates and SEO. Boy, how that (and my ever-growing skill set) has changed…

As of April 2014, when I agreed with Shannon to join team Victoria Road - a vision I’d been watching her pursue for years with much interest and a touch of wistfulness - I had 2 years of banking experience, 6 years of big firm corporate law experience and 3 years of motherhood experience under my belt. My “title” was to be CFO, though even then I understood that start-ups mean all hands on deck and I’d be wearing many hats. Getting our accounting software set up and running in time to file our taxes was a challenge but with my background in finance it was manageable. Taking charge of our website was a completely different story. I became the main interface with the developers Shannon had contracted with in Pakistan, and worked my butt off to get the first site up and running by late August 2014. Then, when Shannon’s move to Dubai was finalized, my Tribeca apartment became the new headquarters / trunk show storefront / warehouse. Oh, and of course there’s the product development, buying, photography, marketing that we’re constantly working on which is the fun part of creating a fashion brand!

Over the past 2 months, my main concern has been our site upgrade and moving to a new hosting platform that I hope will eliminate annoying downtimes. (The next time you experience technical issues on an e-commerce site, don’t curse the company! Curse their web hosting provider and feel sorry for whoever at the company is dealing with this.) There were many reasons to go through yet another site re-development, the third version of in our first year of e-commerce business, not the least of which were design flexibility and mobile responsiveness. We found a new drag-and-drop theme that works with our shop platform, and I actually basically built the site myself.


Yes, you read that right. I built this site myself and I’m proud of it! I taught myself how to use the theme interface and now I can add website design and development to my list of skills. Of course, I couldn’t have done it without some key help from my pal Vidur and the myriad tech support professionals I’ve leaned on via email, telephone and Skype. Not to mention the delicious coffee and pizza at my neighborhood spot and de facto “remote office”, Bar Cyrk, where I’m sitting right now. Go team!

So what does that make me? Co-Founder / CFO / COO / GC / CIO / Marketing Director / Webmaster…anything else? Next week I’m meeting with our new patternmaker to discuss and commission the patterns we’ll use for our pilot manufacturing project. The sample cotton lawn fabric arrived via Fed Ex last night and it is the smoothest, softest cotton woven fabric I’ve ever felt – it’s almost like silk.

I am excited to put away my developer hat for a while and explore the world of patternmaking, cutting and stitching. The learning experience continues!!

By Megan Brosterman for Victoria Road

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