An Emerging Market Garment Factory Buzzing with Positive Energy

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A few days ago I was sitting at lunch with my father-in-law who is visiting us in Dubai. We were celebrating his retirement from a career that spanned more than forty years. When I asked him how he felt as he entered this new phase of his life, he told me for the first time he understood the meaning of true euphoria. Perhaps I am just really lucky or completely naive, but that is how I often feel as we take this project forward. With any start-up there are really amazing highs and equally challenging lows, but last week was one of those weeks where I felt that things were really coming together.

We have been talking with a small factory on the outskirts of Lahore to do our cutting and stitching. Mohtshim had meet with the team and checked out the place but I had not yet had the chance to visit.
The two owners are a dynamic team that seems the perfect combination of innovation and experience. They have built a fantastic facility and attracted a talented and dedicated work force. I particularly enjoyed meeting a husband and wife team that have been working side by side at the factory since the day it opened. The vibe at the factory was buzzing with positivity. I left this meeting feeling very energized about our mission to support an inclusive supply chain and the future possibilities of Victoria Road.

As we continue to visit for further discussions and sampling, I look forward to sharing more with you about this unique factory’s ethical practices as part of our commitment to promoting supply chain transparency in the fashion industry.

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