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Anyone who has met Carrie Silver knows she has an eclectically elegant style, effortlessly mixing vintage-inspired looks with a global sophistication. Carrie has been a friend to Victoria Road (and in particular CFO Megan Brosterman) for a long time, and she sure knows how to work the VR pieces she’s collected over the years! But our mutual affinity goes beyond fashion. Like VR, Carrie believes in bridging cultures and is deeply committed to her work with Global Language Project, a non-profit organization that promotes foreign language education in underserved U.S. public elementary schools through curriculum development, coaching and other support.

You’re a busy lady! On top of a full-time job in Customer Marketing at Amex, you also are very involved as a volunteer for Global Language Project. Tell us a little bit about how you got involved!

I first got involved with Global Language Project as a volunteer the summer of 2010. I was between jobs at the time, and I wanted to do something rewarding with my time while I looked for a new position. I saw their posting on idealist.org and their mission of providing language education at any early age really resonated with me.

I started learning French in 9th grade, which is typical for American students but actually very late when it comes to language comprehension. I’ve struggled to maintain it ever since, and it’s one of the most useful skill sets to have in this globalized society. While in college, it allowed me to study abroad in Paris and work as an intern for a human rights NGO. It was one of the best times in my life. I learned so much, and I think everyone should have that experience.

The United States doesn’t value language learning in early education the way other countries do and I believe that limits us in so many ways – from competing in our global economy to becoming more compassionate and respectful of other cultures.

We love Global Language Project's mission to introduce foreign language study to U.S. students at an early age. Victoria Road began as a means to expand our knowledge and understanding of world cultures by showcasing the spectacular beauty in design and craft that is being created right now in emerging markets like Pakistan. How do you think GLP’s work might in some way shape participating students’ worldviews?
I love Victoria Road’s design for that reason. It introduces you to a completely new culture and way of expressing yourself, which I think is similar to learning a foreign language. You are not just learning different words for the same things. It’s a history and a sociology lesson, and it allows you to appreciate the unique beauty of the cultures that are shaped by that language.

All the students in our program come from underserved communities and many do not venture beyond their immediate surroundings. By learning a foreign language, they are exposed to different ways of life and are able to dream bigger. In addition, studies show that language learning helps children in their overall cognitive development, resulting in better test scores and increased chances of pursuing higher education and becoming competitive in the global job market.

Victoria Road is thrilled to support the Global Language Project by donating the Sleeveless Empire Jacket by Natalia Naveed for Victoria Road and the Pearl Tale Ear Cuff by Rema to the silent auction at this year’s gala for the GLP, happening this Wednesday, May 4 (and VR CFO Megan is looking forward to attending)! Tell us about what’s in store at the gala and what funds raised will support!

We’re so excited to be featuring Victoria Road in our silent auction at our My Dream Speaks benefit. The benefit will be held at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the beautiful Payne Whitney mansion on 5th avenue on Wednesday, May 4th. This year, we will be presenting the Global Icon Awards to NAXOS of America and Ms. Roberta Graves, President of the B.E. Bridge Foundation. Both have been ardent champions for a generation ready to compete in a globalized world.

There will also be specialty cocktails, hors d’oeuvres inspired by French speaking countries around the world, live entertainment by Cyrille Aimée, a visit by Dora the Explorer and an exciting silent auction. All of the proceeds will go toward expanding GLP’s language program. To learn more about the event and purchase tickets go to www.glpny.org/mydreamspeaks.

We totally agree with you that Victoria Road and the Global Language Project are truly complimentary in their missions: among many other things, both seek to introduce people in the U.S. to a completely new culture and way of expressing themselves. Thank you so much for being a VR customer and supporter from the beginning. What’s your favorite of the Victoria Road pieces you own?

I love the Lattice Fitted Shift in black [from VR's Spring/Summer 2016 Collection]! I have the Tessellation Shift [which has a similar look but in long sleeves] and I wear it to work all the time. It’s so easy to throw on with a pair of knee-high boots and some simple accessories for a professional but stylish look. I’m kind of obsessed with the style from the 1960s, and I feel like that look gives a little nod to that era without being over-the- top and with its own unique twist. I can’t wait to wear my new tunics for the summer and look forward to what else VR has in store!

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